Argenis Alvarez
UX UI Designer
Mi friend

When I talk about design, I highlight the need to approach any problem with an open mind as well to be capable and fast as possible to adapt.

Who I am

I am a Designer with more than 18 years of experience solving problems in different fields, I bring solutions to complicated problems focusing on user centered design, business design and others approaches, I am involved with all the steps of the project cycle.

My everyday challenge is understanding the industry, finding the best connection between Business Goals and user needs, and get the right approach to have the best results.

Citi Bank
Guarapo Media
Unidad Editorial

My process

I use different techniques and different approaches depending of the need of the project.

My design process is adaptative, my focus is to understand better a problem, I don’t use strict steps process I am always open to try new ways to find the right solution for the actual situation.

How can I help you?

As design strategists, I focus on creating exceptional products that will translate on good experiences.

Design should work, this is my principal goal, that’s why measuring KPI are crucial when we talk about growing business; understanding intangibles services of the product, what users are, competition, we can make our business more profitable.

So, this is good design!

Come over and let’s work to understand how we can improve online business.

Giving back

Mentoring for more than 10 years and I love to share my experience and help others to achieve their goals (or simply to find a job), so here you will find insights, giveaways and others.

If you are a designer or planing to be, this sections is for you, I am sure you will find useful information here.

Also I like to hear from you, let me know how I helped you, write me down then we can have a chat.

More Coming soon this year